Mr. Bhagwan Kotak

Mr Bhagwan R. Kotak at a tender age of 14 years along with his brother Mr K R Kotak, then 16 years, took over the reins of the company in the year 1952 after the sudden demise of their father. His hard work, determination, dedication, foresight and unconditional family support laid the strong foundation of this Group. The company has never looked back and grown leaps and bounds under their guidance.

Chairman’s Words:

Our vision is to provide a comprehensive range of export/import -oriented services to any corner of the world. The inputs to achieve that vision were - hard work, expertise, commitment, efficiency and the much-needed confidence. We believe, ‘Work efficiently effectively, with constant care and think beyond’ has been central themes of the Group. Our team is our family and one of reasons for our constant growth.

Mr. Chetan Kotak

Chetan K Kotak joined the group in the year 1985 and has since been injecting fresh ideas into the company. He has been instrumental in turning the company’s focus towards increasing the containerized volumes, which was gaining worldwide presence. A combination of intelligence and acumen for costing he has introduced various new biz avenues for the group and is one of the pioneers in establishing the warehousing concept for the trade, changing the rules of the biz.

Mr. Kailash Kotak

Kailash B Kotak joined the group in the year 1991. He managed to fill up the gaps in the group enabling the group to establish and push the existing Freight forwarding biz to new heights. He has been instrumental in backward and forward integration of group in the logistics biz. Under the guidance and experience of his peers, he has also focussed on streamlining the processes to be followed to get uniformity in services to all customers.