Record Performance 2007-08

KLog posted a record turnover of $29,098,620 in 2007-2008, which is nearly double the turnover posted in 2006-2007 of $15,156,200, its previous record. The volume was recorded at 63,220 teus, averaging 5,268 teus a month, which is the highest ever the company has seen in its history.

Earlier, in 2005-06, due to heavy competition, the company had to work on very thin margins, which had resulted in a decline in turnover to $14,662,000 from $15,036,400 in 2004-2005.

In 2006-07, the management adopted a new strategy, due to which, the business volume increased substantially (from 36,655 teus to 50,188 teus) and at the same time, the customer got benefited of the lower freight rates due to large volume. This resulted in gaining trust of being a true logistic partner and building a long lasting relationship. Despite the low freight rates, due to the high volume, the turnover increased moderately to $15,868,240 from $14,662,000 in 2005-06.

The results of the new strategy adopted are more pronounced in the current year's performance, which is expected to increase by 62.17% by the end of the financial year.